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Urban Living and Vibrant Communities

March 13, 2019
Playa Vista California has the energy and the innovation that take urban living to the next level

Urban living encompasses much more than the homes themselves. It speaks to the atmosphere, social connectivity, the experiences and the possibilities. It’s also this idea that drives us to create engaging new communities in thriving locations across North America. By building urban homes with connections to surrounding neighborhoods while introducing convenient retail experiences and amenities that extend beyond the front door, Brookfield Residential is not only crafting the best places to call home but also a new kind of urban lifestyle. Discover how we’re redefining what urban living means for our homebuyers and the cities in which we build.

For a community that’s ahead of the game, look no further than Seton in Calgary, Canada. Seton in Calgary offers the ultimate in accessibility and convenience. This new urban center puts lifestyle at your fingertips, delivering an eclectic mix of everything from office space, retail, healthcare and entertainment to schools, recreation and new homes. It’s a cutting-edge community of urban homes that epitomizes the live, work and play lifestyle—featuring the world’s largest YMCA, specialty shops, boutiques and cafes along the main street in one of Calgary’s fastest growing areas. Seton is 365 acres of forward-thinking planning and design, and it’s our version of authentic urban living.


Playa Vista, California has the energy and the innovation that take in-town living to the next level. Here, we let connectivity take the lead, integrating Runway, the lifestyle-inspired retail destination; The Resort, a state-of-the-art activity club; hundreds of acres of open space; and 29 urban parks intertwined with modern new homes. Whether it’s tech giants and creative powerhouses like Google, Facebook and 72andSunny at The Campus, endless community events or the cool Playa Vista shuttles that bring LA’s Westside front and center, this is the kind of community that puts urban living on the map—where you can live life without ever getting in your car.


Playa Vista brings resort-style amenities and urban living to Southern California. Community events and the Playa Vista shuttles are part of what puts urban living at Playa Vista on the map.

When it comes to modern urban living, Boulevard in Dublin, Northern California has all the right ingredients. It’s about urban homes, fresh style, vibrant energy and themed parks that tie each neighborhood together. From the future rec center to the community happenings, we’ve found a way for residents to interact and engage. Plus, with the BART station just a short walk away, it’s easy to make connections whether it’s in the community or the city.

When it comes to urban living, Boulevard in Dublin, Northern California has all the right ingredients. Contemporary homes, fresh style, vibrant energy and urban living tie each neighborhood at Boulevard together.

By creating dynamic and connected hubs in flourishing cities, Brookfield Residential offers residents the best places to call home and brings visitors new opportunities to enjoy a thriving shopping, dining and business experience.