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Introducing Rockland Park

October 24, 2017
Kids feeling the wind

On the west edge of Calgary, overlooking the Bearspaw Bow River Reservoir, lies a piece of land that connects to the City of Calgary to the east and the mountain corridor to the west. We call it Rockland Park. It’s a place to discover; a place connected with nature; a community in balance. The inspiration for Rockland Park’s design stems from the land’s most distinct elements: the pristine natural landscape that surrounds it and the spectacular view sheds of the Bow River Valley, Downtown Calgary, and Rocky Mountains, found throughout the land.

These striking elements are accentuated by the community’s retained native open spaces, constructed natural spaces, and manicured parks that touch all neighbourhoods and enhance physical connectivity with both the natural environment and community at large.

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Rockland Park takes advantage of its proximity to nature and celebrates its views of the Bow River Valley, Rocky Mountains and the City of Calgary

  • Located within the northwest sector of Calgary within the Haskayne Area Structure Plan
  • Situated on an existing quarry on an escarpment overlooking the Bearspaw Reservoir
  • Links to the Bow River Valley, Haskayne Legacy Park and Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park
  • Adjacent to Rocky View County and the Community of Blazer Estates and the Damkar Homestead to the north
  • The Communities of Tuscany and Lynx Ridge lay to the northeast, with Marquis Development lands to the east 


Location map of Rockland Park, a Brookfield Residential community in Calgary, Alberta

  • Rockland Park offers its residents the breathing space that leads to health and well-being.
  • ±465 acres (188 hectares) total gross site area with approximately 80 acres (32 hectares) dedicated to environmental reserve
  • Home to ±8700 residents occupying ±3,100 units
  • Housing diversity comprised of ±1,754 single-family homes and ±1,329 multi-family homes (includes semi-detached)
  • Topography of the site is planned to enhance and maximize views for the majority of residents to create personal connections with the natural world
  • Site will be developed in phases, over an anticipated period of +/-10 years
  • Approximately 85,000 square feet of retail and services amenities for residents to enjoy
  • Joint Home Owners Association and Community Association site
  • Proposed Public School site for families to grow in Rockland Park


Guiding principles of Rockland Park, a Brookfield Residential community in Calgary, Alberta

The vision for Rockland Park is delivered through the following key principles articulated in the Municipal Development Plan and Haskayne Area Structure Plan:

  • Enhance connections within and adjacent to the planned neighbourhoods
  • Develop an open space network that links neighbourhoods to one another through a diverse parks network
  • Develop links to the river through trail networks and community access nodes
  • Preserve key viewsheds into and out of the site
  • Develop a pattern of walkable neighbourhoods with links to community amenities and natural open space
  • Restore, enhance, and protect the ecology of place


It was important to Brookfield to take the extra time and consideration in creating a plan as dynamic, beautiful and memorable as the lands upon which Rockland Park will be built.

  1. Redevelops and integrates brownfield lands into surrounding natural landscape
  2. Restores and enhances the ecological integrity of the land and promotes environmental awareness and stewardship
  3. Promotes an active community lifestyle through a four season approach to design, community programming and tailored recreational and wellness facilities and amenities
  4. Prioritizes majestic river valley, mountain, and City views from trails, walkways, open spaces and neighbourhoods
  5. Provides a distinct and complete community that prioritizes parks, trails and natural environments
  6. Supports a vibrant and unique commercial village where social connectedness and convenience enrich the Rockland Park lifestyle
  7. Provides parks and open space within a 3 minute walk of all residents
  8. Creates social interaction and sense of community through a joint Homeowners and Community Association site
  9. Provides a key ‘missing link’ in the pathway and trail network connecting the City of Calgary with Haskayne Legacy Park, Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park, and beyond
  10. Efficiently utilizes existing infrastructure to minimize the need for future major infrastructure improvements