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Bathroom Decor Tips

August 26, 2016
2016 Bathroom Decor Tips Brookfield Residential

Decorate your bathroom to reflect your style, and create a relaxing haven in your own home. Check out these bathroom decor tips to help get you started.

Look through an array of bathroom makeovers to discover inspiration. Write down your favorite pieces and color palettes to help you decide. Domino has a great variety of bathroom makeover pics to sort through.

Incorporate storage into your plan to add more function to your stylish new décor. Use glass containers and pretty bins to place similar items together. The 36th Avenue has some wonderful tips on how to decorate storage pieces.

Use unconventional furniture to cleverly enhance bathroom space. Use a nightstand to store toiletries next to the tub or a woven basket to neatly tuck toilet paper away. Real Simple offers plenty of suggestions on repurposing décor.

Make simple swaps to liven up the space. Switch towels to a different color. Add new accessories, like a new soap dish holder. Change out fixtures for something new. Pop Sugar lists some helpful ideas to easily update the room.

Once the design is done, don’t forget to go out and get some spa-inspired soaps and candles so you can truly relax in your updated bathroom.

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