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Bathroom Decor

March 03, 2017
Bathroom Decor Brookfield Residential

It’s where you start your morning and unwind at night, so why not give your bathroom some TLC with these simple and easy décor tips that can transform even the smallest spaces?

Colorful Towels – Hanging in the corner or folded in plain sight, why not use them to your décor advantage? Use towels in colors you love and enhance the interior theme, matching them to other accents in the room. If you gravitate towards the nautical motifs, buy some in shades of blue or if your style is more personal, get them monogrammed with your initials. These everyday items are not only functional – they’re stylish.

Open Storage – Even in master suites you don’t always have the storage capacity needed, but there is no need to keep everything hidden. Use large woven baskets or open-air shelving to create stylish displays. Rolled up towels, decorative soaps or perfume bottles can make a space feel warm or mirrored. Chrome details can create a more modern, contemporary look.

Lighting fixtures – Maybe the bulbs have dimmed or you never changed the original fixtures. Upgraded lighting can be an important addition to enhance the space and give your bathroom a whole new feel. Go for a more modern look with sleek lines and matte accents or add multiple bulbs above the mirror for vanity lighting reminiscent of old Hollywood. Whatever you do, you will never regret having better lighting when you get ready in the morning.