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6 Things to Look for When Touring a Resale House

May 12, 2022
Two people standing in the kitchen of a resale home they are touring

There’s a lot to take in when you’re touring a house that’s had previous occupants. It can be easy to overlook potential issues during a 20-minute tour.

Having a realtor accompany you and ordering a home inspection if you eventually decide to buy it, can help you get a clearer picture of a home.

6 Things to Look for when Touring a House Infographic

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Infographic Text

6 Things to Look for When Touring a Resale House

Know a few things to look for when you tour a house that’s on the market.

  • What’s Included & Excluded in the House Sale

    • What’s generally included
      • Fixtures: Installed or affixed items such as planted trees, lighting fixtures, curtain rods
      • Items in the sales contract the seller agrees to include
    • What’s generally not included
      • Furniture, appliances, decor
        • Tip: Take photos of items and of serial numbers on appliances the seller has agreed to include in the sale
      • Excluded items: Fixtures the seller excludes in the sales contract
  • Kitchen & Bath Concerns

    • Be concerned about:
      • Mold: Smelled or seen
      • Inadequate water pressure: Turn on faucets, flush toilets
      • Leaks: Look under sinks for links and mold
      • Old or inadequate water pipes: Corrosion, leaks
  • DIY

    • Exposed electrical wiring
    • Multiple incomplete repairs
    • Partitioned or added walls not built to code
    • Poorly installed flooring
  • Uncleanliness

    • Lingering smells or signs of animal or human waste or smoking
    • Unclean air filtering through items such as exhaust fans
    • Built-up filth in corners
  • Unpleasant Décor

  • Costly replacement
    • Fixtures like bathtubs, hard flooring, cabinetry, windows and countertops
  • Not usually costly to replace
    • Unpleasing paint colors, carpet, window treatments and towel holders
  • Sloppy Neighbors

    • Peer over the fence: Discarded appliances, vehicles, trash in yards
    • Surrounding homes and outbuildings in disrepair
    • Cars, tree branches, bushes encroaching on neighboring properties