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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Cozy for Winter

December 04, 2020
Holiday tablescape at a Brookfield Residential home

It’s officially that time of year when the cold weather has begun and the days are shorter. It’s no surprise that winter is the most hygge time of year since it’s all about finding comfort in the little things in life. With everything that 2020 has brought, there’s even more reason to make your home a warm and cozy haven. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to make your space inviting and comfortable for this chilly time of year. We’re sharing five easy ways to make your home cozy for the winter and extend your décor beyond the holidays.

1. Incorporate warm colors and seasonal patterns

Modern holiday table setting with plaid napkins and gold utensils at a Brookfield Residential home in Dublin, CA

Infusing some warm colors into a neutral palette is an easy way to cozy up a space. While it doesn’t make sense to change the paint on the walls for each season, it does help to start with a clean canvas that can be tailored to evoke the feelings you want. From there, adding in pops like a rusty red, burnt orange, mustard yellow, and olive green make for an inviting feel. Make the typical holiday red and green more luxurious with the use of rich jewel tones like ruby and emerald. Although not soft and fuzzy, gold and brass accents still have a warming effect – use some stylish picture frames or throw in some gold accessories throughout your home. Of course, the use of seasonal patterns with plaid shams or a gingham throw is another way to add some coziness.

2. Layer in a variety of fabrics and textures

Cold winter nights call for layers upon layers and the easiest place to start is with blankets. Start by switching out your summer bedding for some made with a warmer fabric such as flannel or fleece. Drape a blanket over the back of your sofa so you can easily wrap up whenever you get chilly. Find one in a warm color or seasonal pattern or use an inviting texture like a chunky knit. Elevate your living room’s “winter outfit” even more by swapping out your throw pillows with some that have a plush fabric like velvet or come in a rich jewel tone – or find some that have both!

Elegant Dining Table with sheepskin throw at Edgemont in Edmonton, AB

Warm up the bare spaces. A bare table may be perfect for a breezy summer, but it can feel a bit cold and stark for winter. A runner is an easy way to dress up a table. Get creative and use a long scarf, a fabric remnant, or a thin blanket for a seasonally appropriate runner. Bare floors can be chilly on your feet so cover them up with a flat-weave or faux-fur rug. Faux sheepskin is not only a great rug option, but its irresistibly soft texture is especially inviting as a throw that can be draped over a chair, benches, or your sofa. Swap out your summer sheers for drapes in a thicker fabric to add a layer of texture and warmth to the walls. Not only does this help keep out drafts, it lends an elegant and dramatic feeling especially if they reach from floor to ceiling.

3. Add in natural elements

Table settings with pine cones and candles in a Brookfield Residential home

The inclusion of nature is a timeless way to elevate your décor. The use of natural fibers in woven bowls, wood chain links, and baskets can help add a feeling of coziness in your rooms – and the perfect way to store all those blankets. Recreate the relaxing feeling of being outside by including winter greenery with clippings of cold-friendly plants or other natural elements like pinecones. Use faux greenery to decorate bannisters, stairways, or fireplace mantels. Start the feeling of a cozy home right at your doorstep with a seasonal wreath. A simple pine bough wreath can be decorated with fall ribbon in November and embellished with holly berries to transition to December. Spruce up your front porch with some poinsettias for a vibrant, eye-catching entrance.

4. Make it smell like the holidays

Cozy setting with a blanket, candle, and cookies in a Brookfield Residential home

The sense of smell is closely linked with our memory and triggers feelings of nostalgia. Pumpkin may bring memories of past Thanksgivings. Peppermint and candy canes go hand and hand. Whether you prefer a spicy cinnamon, a sweet vanilla, or are a sucker for anything pumpkin spice, incorporating a scent in your home is an easy way to make it feel cozy. If you want to go beyond a candle or diffuser, you can try a simmer pot or bake up a batch of gingerbread cookies or cinnamon rolls. Not only do you fill your home with a holiday-inspired scent, but you get a sweet treat to enjoy.

5. Add layers of light

Cozy great room in the Nelson condo at Regatta in Auburn Bay, Calgary by Brookfield Residential

While it may be dark and gloomy outside, there’s no reason your home has to feel the same. Instead of turning on the bright recessed ceiling lights, try adding some small, intimate table lamps to create a cozy ambiance. Use a natural linen lampshade and bulbs with warmer color temperatures for a warm, soft glow throughout the space. Rearrange floor lamps and table fixtures to brighten up dark corners or create an intimate reading spot. A warm fire and winter seem to go hand and hand, but who says you need a fireplace to make your home cozy? While a fireplace is a great way to warm up a space, a simple grouping of candles or tea lights on a coffee or buffet table adds beautiful light and ambiance.

Everyone wants to feel good in their space. Having a cozy home you know you can retreat to is an important element of well-being and provides a sense of comfort not just to you, but your guests as well. Find the home of your dreams and transform it into a warm, cozy sanctuary you’ll be happy to wait out the winter in.