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2023 Bathroom Design Trends

January 30, 2023
Powder room in the Lucca show home at Cranstons Riverstone by Brookfield Residential in Calgary AB

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the bathroom is your private sanctuary. It’s a place to get peace and privacy, as well as ready yourself for whatever the day will bring. While it may be a room rooted in functionality, it’s also the perfect space to flex your creativity and showcase your unique style.

The pandemic has had a lasting effect on home design – since we spent so much time at home, we’ve shifted our approach in how we want it to reflect our personal style. Many homeowners have spent the last couple years focusing on the design of their kitchen, and are now shifting their attention to a more personal space: the bathroom.

2023 bathroom design trends are full of unique ways to design these spaces and transform them into our individual ideas of retreat. Let’s explore the hottest bathroom trends for this year:

Bold & Dramatic

Dramatic metallic wallpaper in the powder room at a Brookfield Residential home in Calgary AB

It’s all about a statement bathroom in 2023. The smaller square footage ensures any standout features – like dramatic wallpaper or dark paint – don’t overwhelm the space, but rather make it feel special, memorable, and bold.

With pendants, sconces, and ornate ceiling lights, bathroom spaces have become prime areas for showcasing vivid, decorative lighting. Good lighting is a must-have in any bathroom, so why not go dramatic to create an impactful wow-moment?

Nature-Inspired Elements

Ensuite in Elias at Edgemont by Brookfield Residential in Edmonton AB

Gray and white have had their moment for a few years, but now we’re going back to nature. Natural wood cabinetry is becoming increasingly popular for the warm, organic element it brings to the space. 2023 will pair rich, warmer wood tones with dark, more saturated finishes to balance relaxing and natural with striking and distinct. Incorporate wood floating shelves as a way to add storage and give your space an elevated hospitality feel.

Primary bath in Residence 4 at Southport at Delaney Park by Brookfield Residential in Oakley CA

Homeowners are also moving towards natural stone that makes a statement. There’s a new value on spaces that feel unique, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing and a beautiful stone can really set the tone for the space. Showers covered in stone slabs are the perfect blend of style and function: the slabs are easy to clean and the large slab makes a strong statement.

A stone trough sink is another nod to nature worth considering in your space. The natural stone will last a lifetime and the honed finish won’t dull or scratch making it perfect for everyday use. Added bonus? No two sinks will have the exact same veining making your sink truly one-of-a-kind.

Patterned Drapery

Primary ensuite in Robson in a Brookfield Residential home in Alberta

2023 will see a movement away from stark white bathrooms to more warmth and texture, especially through window treatments. Because bathrooms are generally made up of all hard surfaces – tile, stone, plumbing, hardware, and mirrors – adding a layer of texture and pattern with window treatments can really soften the space and add some warmth to an otherwise stark and cold room.

Mixing the Old and the New

With an eye on sustainability (and painful production delays for new pieces), vintage pieces and antiques are enjoying newfound popularity. Incorporating antique pieces creates more than just a striking design moment, but a warmer, more inviting space for both you and your guests. Artistic blends of different eras add a little more interest to the overall character of the home

Vintage or repurposed vanities warm up the space and give it an elegant and stylish look, while also preventing another item from ending up in a landfill. Eco-conscious design is timeless and will always be on-trend.

Accents That Pop

Primary bath in Luna at The Landing by Brookfield Residential in Tustin, CA

Unexpected colors can do marvels for a bathroom. The right choice can add an element of warmth while keeping the overall feel of the bathroom minimal and elevated. Whether it’s incorporating color on plumbing, lighting, tile, or natural stone, homeowners are opting for a pop of color in the bathroom with great results.

Colorful sinks will make a comeback in 2023, especially in powder rooms. By using a non-traditional sink in a smaller space, you create a focal point that really pops. Pair it with bold paint for the walls and create even more drama. Toilets and bathtubs are stealing some attention with the use of interesting colors to match the sinks.

A spa-worthy bathroom doesn’t have to be boring. This year, we’ll see dusty blues and greens, intense jewel tones or soft pastels, and gold accents for light fixtures and cabinet hardware. Add your favorite shade however you please and be as subtle or bold as you like!

Vertical Lines

Primary bath at Beckham at Lakeside at Trappe by Brookfield Residential in Maryland

Some bathroom design elements will always be classic, such as subway tiles. 2023 is about taking the classics and turning them on their head – literally. There’ll be a shift to vertical lines in both tile installation and cabinetry to blend the tried-and-true with the new-and-modern. It’s a fresh, unexpected take on traditional bathroom must-haves.

Statement Tiles

Bathroom in the Douglas laned home at Rockland Park by Brookfield Residential in Calgary AB

2023 will be a year for complex and interesting statement tiles like mosaics in custom patterns, exciting colors, and interesting textures. Statement tiles create a focal point in the space, elevate the room, and add an element of playfulness.

Statement marble will be a big trend. Homeowners want bold, beautiful, natural materials that make an impact. 2023 will show these elements continue their hold with strong veining and colors as people become more adventurous.

Primary ensuite in a Brookfield Residential home in Edmonton

We’ll see tile on the walls of the bathroom instead of paint or wallpaper as well as larger tile sizes, mainly in natural stone or natural-looking patterns. Terrazzo has had a major resurrection in recent years because it has a fun, retro vibe. It’s the perfect way to make a statement without being too overpowering.

New bathroom tile trends include mixing & matching, whether it’s a classic black and white, textured tiles mixed with a flat surface, or geometric patterns installed in a way that appears like the pattern fades into a solid design.

Master bath in Ovation 2 at Brighton Crossings by Brookfield Residential in Denver CO

Textured tiles are also gaining popularity for their ability to add decorative interest, dimension, and artistry to a space. Uniquely textured tile catches shadows and reflects light, changing the space’s moodiness throughout the day.

Zellige tile has a warmer texture and more classic look than other types of tile allowing it to pop against a wall. It’s a relatively budget-friendly selection and comes in a wide range of color options making it a great choice in bathroom design.

Investing into Quality Materials

Owners bath in Champlain at Kissing Tree by Brookfield Residential in San Marcos TX

Everyone loves a really luxurious and indulgent hotel bathroom. More homeowners are looking to recreate that decadent feeling in their own home by incorporating statement lighting, plushy towels, and gorgeous tile.

After all, the bath has become the most sought-after space in the home for privacy or relaxation. It’s no longer left for last-minute design choices. Homeowners are now putting more time and thought into not only these areas of retreat, but how they flow within their overall home design. It’s worth investing into quality pieces that you can enjoy now and will add value to your home in the future.

Increased Functionality

Primary bath with makeup station in Cira Plan 3 at The Landing by Brookfield Residential in Tustin CA

The last few years have taught us that we need our homes to work for us. There’s not much benefit to having a space that is beautiful if we can’t use it to its best ability. 2023 will see bathrooms trending to be both stylish and functional with well-thought-out lighting plans, heated floors, towel warmers, and well-designed organization with hair stations, specialty make-up and shaving mirrors, and more.

While standalone tubs are striking, in many homes they don’t get the use they deserve. Many homeowners are opting to remove their unused tubs and dedicate more room for storage or larger showers with multiple showerheads, seating, and zero-entry for ageless accessibility.

Removing a tub can also open up the floor plan and create a bathroom that feels less crowded and more serene. Simply having more space to move around when you’re getting ready can start your day in a much more relaxing way.

Focus on Wellness

Primary bath in Cira Plan 3 at The Landing by Brookfield Residential in Tustin CA

A spa bathroom is always on trend. 2023 will see a shift in mindset establishing the bathroom as more than a place to primp and wash up – it’s a space to relax and take care of your body. Homeowners want their bathrooms to feel spa-like and luxurious with features such as dual shower heads, steam showers, side spray, and more overall wellness features.

Primary bath with black accents in a Brookfield Residential home in the Austin, TX area

While some homeowners love their soaking tub, others prefer a spacious steam shower perfect for aromatherapy. Whatever strikes your fancy, 2023 bathroom design is all about personalization and creating your own Zen space.

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