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Life at Brookfield

Who can tell a better story than our own people? Instead of having us tell you why you should join Brookfield Residential, we asked our people why they love working here.

People socializing and laughing at an event Brookfield Residential

BEING BROOKFIELD Motivation & Inspiration

Being great at what you do rubs off on the people around you. If you’re THAT person, Being Brookfield will be a natural fit. It is the hard working, enthusiastic, happy, motivated and committed people who find their sweet spot in our company. And, together, that’s how we create the best places to call home.

Employee Carlin senior development manager Brookfield Residential

Meet Carlin

Find out how Brookfield Residential supports continuous learning.

Employee Wendy Senior Vice President Brookfield Residential

Meet Wendy

Find out how Wendy’s work helps shape the community she lives in.

Employee Shawn Area Sales Manager Brookfield Residential

Meet Shawn

Find out what Shawn likes most about his job. 

Employee Luke Site Manager Brookfield Residential

Meet Luke

Find out why your well-being matters at Brookfield Residential.