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Design Studio Open House

June 04, 2018
Brookfield Residential Design Studio in Denver CO

At Brookfield Residential’s Design Studio, You’re in Charge

If you’re looking for a new home-decorating and design experience, we think it’s probably fair to say you’ll find nothing like the one at Brookfield Residential’s Design Studio on South Gaylord Street in Denver. Yes, we can prove it.

First, and maybe foremost, when you “consult” with our design experts on the fixtures, floor coverings, appliances, etc. for your new home, we let you do most of the talking. Unlike other design consultants, we don’t preach, don’t limit your choices – and when we do talk, we tell you more about the things you can do rather than the ones you can’t. This attitude is what prompts the slogan you’ll find at our Design Studio: “You Tell Us.” It’s called “listening,” a skill that is too often unrefined in the consulting business.

Second, Brookfield Residential opens its Design Studio to anyone interested in finding ideas or imagining how their new Brookfield Residential home might look – even before you have put your name on a contract or even visited a model at one of our five communities. For those free-spirited types, we provide a weekly Open House – every Thursday afternoon, 1pm—7pm. No appointment, no commitment. Just walk in and admire the home decorating beauty that makes Brookfield Residential so unique.


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