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Get in the GAME with Chappelle Gardens Social Crews

December 02, 2020
Two women chatting in front of the homes at Chappelle Gardens in Southwest Edmonton by Brookfield Residential

Creating the best places to call home goes beyond the high-quality homes we build and sell to our homebuyers. To us, it’s also about developing sustainable communities that truly make a difference in people’s lives – no matter what stage of life they are in. Together, we build special places where people live their best lives, connect with neighbours, and enjoy all of the amenities outside their front door.

At Chappelle Gardens in Southwest Edmonton, we’ve created Social Crews to bring like-minded neighbours together through shared interests and common passions. We take our commitment of creating community to the next level by helping you connect with good neighbours who are sure to become great friends.

Kids skating on ice at Chappelle Gardens in Edmonton by Brookfield Residential

Get in the GAME!

Ready to find your Crew? It’s super easy, just take the Crew Quiz and see where you fit: Gatherer, Adventurer, Maker, or Explorer (GAME). Each group has activities tailored by the Resident’s Association to best fit the interests of each Crew.

Gatherers? You put the “extra” in extracurricular. You’re the life of the party. The masters of mingling. Fun follows wherever you go and you’re always up for great conversation and a good time. For you, we have adult board game nights, pub nights, or the “Zoomers” club (for those 55 and better).

Adventurers? You love an active lifestyle and rarely slow down. Whether it’s running, walking, team sports, or individual fitness activities, you’re constantly on the go. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you busy with activities like yoga, Zumba, or kickboxing.

Makers? Let your imagination flow. You find inspiration in unexpected places and feed off the energy of your fellow artists, crafters, builders, and pinners. Get ready for weekly Sip ‘n’ Stitch, craft nights, spring garden market, and the winter craft market.

Explorers? You have a natural thirst for knowledge and new things. You are guided by a love of learning and keep your mind busy with diverse interests and pursuits. We’ll find you at our book club, wine club, a scotch tasting, or ballroom dancing.

Want to participate in activities outside of your Crew? We’d love to have you! These are more of a starting point to help you dive in – all activities and events are open to all of our residents.

Kids playing foosball and doing karate at Chappelle Gardens in Edmonton by Brookfield Residential

More than a place to live – it’s a community

Life at Chappelle Gardens is truly something special and unique. Meet and make memories with neighbours at the Social House. Skate, splash, slide, and socialize as you enjoy countless social and recreational amenities, both indoor and outdoor, catering to all interests and ages. Find your Crew and meet new friends to enjoy one of the many community events, clubs, or programs. Creating community is at the heart of what we do at Brookfield Residential. We build lasting communities that are thoughtfully designed and provide comfort, inclusiveness, and a sense of place. You get more than four walls and a roof – you become part of a neighbourhood that will shape and enhance your life for years to come.

Connect with our sales team and be sure to register for updates so you don’t miss the latest news and happenings at Chappelle Gardens.

*All programming and events are currently suspended based on the gathering limitations provided by the provincial government. We look forward to resuming activities when it is safe to do so.