The word community defines us

Creating communities is the core of our work and the essence of our corporate culture. We build communities that are thoughtfully designed and that cultivate exceptional life experiences – providing comfort, inclusiveness, sustainability and a sense of place. We truly care about building lasting communities – places that make a positive contribution to the security, quality of life and well-being of current residents and future generations to come.


Across our portfolio, economic, social and environmental strategies and initiatives work together to create sustainable communities that can thrive into the future. We complete a rigorous planning and evaluation process for every project, considering impact on the surrounding environment, the future needs of the people who will call it home and ongoing economic benefits for the community.


We maintain a high level of community and stakeholder engagement through the life of each project, and we put community development strategies in place to enhance quality of life and create a unique sense of place. An important strategy for Brookfield Residential is providing product diversity to accommodate a wide range of lifestyle needs and create unique and diverse communities. We also work collaboratively with regulatory agencies, our neighbours, the community at large, and other interest groups to provide a mutually beneficial design that adds value to the region.


Whether it's pursuing "green" home design and construction, or creating mixed-use communities where people can live, work and play, we are committed to creating sustainable, earth-friendly communities. We focus on smart growth and sustainability principles by offering energy efficient and water conserving features in a wide selection of housing types for a full range of lifestyles and ages. Our communities are also designed to minimize impacts on wildlife habitat, and we set aside protected areas for future generations to enjoy.


Our commitment to community extends further into the outside community at large. We give back to communities that we are part of by way of charitable donations and active employee participation in exceptional organizations.