Brookfield Residential Key Differentiators

Important facts about Brookfield Residential

  • Brookfield Residential controls over 98,000 lots and has over $4.0 billion in assets
  • 48% of our owned lots are in Canada and 52% are in the U.S.
  • We are a residential land developer that both sells and builds on our lots

Balance between land development and home building

  • Diversified operations with both land and home development
  • Value created at each stage of land entitlement and development
  • Ability to bring lots to market quickly and not rely on third-party providers
  • Top-tier gross margins promote strong profitability and cash flow flexibility to pursue opportunities

Large and well located land supply

  • Well-positioned in Canada to provide lots in markets where supplies are tightening
  • Ability to participate in transactions to purchase assets and take advantage of improving market conditions
  • Owning developed or entitled lots in strategic market areas places the company in a strong position

Unique geographic position

  • Our geographically diverse portfolio provides exposure to strong and stable Canadian markets, while also position us for the recovering in the U.S. housing market
  • Located in dynamic and resilient markets with historically strong housing demand, barriers to entry, strong population and employment growth and positive long-term demographics

Operating expertise

  • Deep management team with more than 20 years average experience and in-depth industry knowledge
  • Local management focused on value creation through the entitlement, development and building process
  • High customer satisfaction acknowledged through satisfaction surveys, industry awards and peer recognition